3 min readMay 12, 2021

The following is not investment advice. Do your own research, and never invest more than you can afford into any project.

UPDATE - 3:15AM GMT - 13 May: Given the volatility in the crypto markets in general, we have slowed down the distribution of SAFERmoon tokens in the liquidity airdrop. We will continue to airdrop them intermittently until the entire distribution is complete. In other words, nothing has changed except the amount of time it will take to complete the airdrop. This is to avoid unnessesary fluctuations in SAFERmoon’s price. Further, to avoid bot interference, we won’t be announcing specific times for each drop — though we will be able to tell you afterwards.

This is BIG.

Liquidity is what enables us to trade SAFERmoon. Less liquidity means even small sells hurt the Market Cap, causing red candles. And no one likes to see red candles! More liquidity is BETTER.

And what else is better? More SAFERmoon tokens in the wallets of our holders!


The LIQUIDITY AIRDROP will add liquidity AND airdrop tokens into everyone’s wallets.

How? We are going to use 5 trillion SAFERmoon tokens (~$500,000 in value) from the DEV WALLET to conduct a series of controlled trades:

The dev wallet will sell SAFERmoon for BNB, then IMMEDIATELY buy SAFERmoon with ALL of the BNB it just gained. The trades will go back and forth between SAFERmoon and BNB until all 5 trillion SAFERmoon tokens have been consumed by fees.

Each trade will be subject to a 10% fee, just like any other. 5% will be added to liquidity, and 5% will be distributed to our holders. Overall, this means that 50% of the entire 5 trillion SAFERmoon amount will go to holders’ wallets, and the other 50% will go to the liquidity pool. That’s an extra $250,000 of liquidity and $250,000 distributed across holder wallets.

What to expect: When we trade to BNB, you might see a red candle. Then, when we trade back to SAFERmoon, you will see a green candle. The green candle will be shorter, because the SAFERmoon contract will be taking 10% fees on each trade to reward all those who HODL.

In other words, the chart could potentially go down slightly. But we think the added liquidity and SAFERmoon distribution to holders is a far greater benefit to the community than the short term impact to market cap.

How: The dev wallet will forward SAFERmoon to the same middleman wallet that is used to conduct burns. Then the middleman wallet, which is subject to fees, will conduct the trades every 30 minutes. The timing may vary depending upon price impact to the chart, and the entire 5 trillion amount many not be traded in one transaction to avoid a large impact.

When: We will announce the LIQUIDITY AIRDROP timing in our Telegram channel and on Twitter. The more SAFERmoon that you hold in your wallet, the more distribution of fees you will receive.

We’re excited to increase SAFERmoon’s liquidity, which will lessen the impact small sells have on market cap and set us up for our next leg of growth. We’re even more excited to rewards HODLers by growing their SAFERmoon wallets.

So make sure your stack is ready when we start!

And a little hint: this is only the first of TWO initiatives we’re launching to increase SAFERmoon’s liquidity pool. The second might even let you directly earn BNB with your SAFERMoon… Stay tuned for another announcement coming soon!

HODLing pays off!