CryptoLaunch is Coming (Very) Soon

The SaferMoon Launchpad has been on our roadmap from the beginning. We set out to create a simple, secure way for novice or expert crypto users to launch new crypto tokens/assets. Seems easy, right? Not exactly :)

As we began work on the launchpad project, we were optimistic we could hit our Q3 2021 deadline. However, as work progressed, it became clear that the project’s scope was much more expansive than our original vision.

In tech development, much is often made of the term “MVP”, or minimum viable product. This is the version of a piece of software that meets a set of requirements set by the project owner. There’s no bells or whistles, but the software performs the basic functions required for users to achieve its intended results.

When it came to our launchpad project, which we’re officially calling CryptoLaunch, the scope of our MVP expanded as we assessed what was needed to create a platform capable of launching secure yet accessible projects. What does this mean?

A secure and accessible project must:

  1. Adopt all fixes for known bugs/issues for a given token

To meet all these requirements, we had to build quite a lot. CryptoLaunch, which will allow users to launch RFI-reflection tokens (but can be expanded to support unlimited numbers of token types) required 12 separate smart contracts, a functioning front end, and a back end. Users needed to be able to log into our site using just their wallets to manage their tokens. When changes are behind timelocks, we had to keep track of this and let users come back at the appropriate time to finalize changes. The back end needed to scan mainnet for any changes made so those changes can be displayed to investors. These are just a few of the problems we needed to tackle in order to launch a product that met our MVP requirements.

Now that all of this is completed, we’re almost ready to launch what we’re comfortable labeling Version 1.0 of CryptoLaunch. Our current launch date is November 12, which will give us enough time to finalize some final server administration tasks.

Over the next four days, we’ll be providing some information explaining exactly what is included in Version 1.0 and how to use this service from both an investor and project owner perspective.

The dev team thanks you for your patience, and we’re looking forward to an exciting week!



A safer trip to the moon - — — — We do not offer investment advice. DYOR!

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