Get Ready to LAUNCH!

3 min readAug 20, 2021

When we first launched SAFERmoon, our founding goal was to harness the power of meme-coins and moon-tokenomics to create a safer ecosystem for everyone. We wanted serious investors, apes, degens, and value hunters to come together and have peace of mind on this journey to the moon we all call crypto.

To that end, our launchpad is almost ready! During SAFERsummer we are putting the finishing touches on the front end design, and linking everything up so you have a beautiful user interface to manage your token.

What it Means to Launch on SAFERmoon

Launching on our platform is not just easy, effortless, and quick. It also sends a message that the creators have good intentions, and share in SAFERmoon’s vision for investor safety. Whether you’re an influencer needing a token to do governance, a brilliant marketer looking to create the next big rocketship meme-token, or just an average person looking to play around — our launchpad will enable you to achieve your goals while keeping people’s minds at ease.

Market Differentiation

You may have heard of many launchpads, but those are more like token incubators. Typical launchpads bring on a team, give them mentorship, help, ideas, and resources to help them succeed. This terminology does not fully encompass what the SAFERmoon launchpad can do.

Once these incubators let the team go after their training and guidance, their project can still have flaws, the team can still be bad actors, and the project can still rug-pull. SAFERmoon’s launchpad will block all of these mechanisms through code! We’re not just creating an incubator — we’re creating an entire token management suite that puts safety rails on what developers can do with their token.

The Market Evolves

Many years ago it was unheard of for a business owner to create their own website. It took specialized knowledge, training, and hours of time in front of a computer. Today, you can go on a number of “website builders” that are drag and drop. Any business owner with an hour of time can find a solution that allows them to get up and running — and look professional.

SAFERmoon’s launchpad does the same. We want to give the average person the ability to launch a safe token without any specialized knowledge required. Simply drag and drop, decide on your tokenomics, and the rest is up to your own personal goals. The SAFERmoon Launchpad is a natural evolution in the DeFi space, just like it was with websites.


With all this in mind, one of our Week 2 SAFERsummer mini-prizes will be the chance to be the FIRST person to launch your very own token on the SAFERmoon Launchpad! This will serve as a proof of concept for the community to see. If you’ve ever wanted to pioneer the future of an emerging technology, now is your chance! You had better start thinking of names now, because YOU could be the next winner!

To be entered to win this prize and many more, simply stake a minimum of 2 Billion and a maximum of 500 Billion SAFERmoon tokens at

Good luck, SAFERsquad!