SAFERmoon Launchpad Progress Update

  1. Planning (done). This phase is perhaps the most important of all. We spent about a month creating detailed specs for the launchpad’s initial state (known as the minimum viable product, or MVP).
  2. Contracts (mostly done). Smart contracts live on BSC and govern everything that occurs on the chain. The SAFERmoon token itself is governed by a smart contract, as is everything else you interact with on the chain.
  3. Back end. This refers to database-related work. For example, in order to create pages for each of the launchpad tokens, we need to write a back end to store and make accessible all the data.
  4. Front end (in progress). This refers to the way the website looks and operates. It’s the visual and user experience component.
  5. Audit(s). As talented as our devs are, we still need a thorough audit of the code. We’ll likely work with more than one auditor for this.

Progress Update

  • We wrote the launchpad contract itself, which is a Solidity contract capable of pushing other token contracts to mainnet.
  • We created 3 timelocks. One timelock contract owns the token and prevents changes from being pushed by project owners without warning. The second timelock is a vault for the dev funds, which project owners can choose to use for their discretionary tokens. The third timelock is to hold the LP tokens. The minimum lick is 6 months, but project owners can increase the time in 6-month increments to 5+ years if they’d like.
  • The main token contract was too big to fit in a single block on the chain, so we had to split it across multiple other contracts. This was the case even after optimization (both automated and manual).
  • The contract’s primary functions are now user-modifiable. For example, a project owner can choose to set the liquidity and reflection fee percents to whatever number they choose (as long as that number is below 15%).
  • We’ve made it possible for project owners to fund their token with the initial liquidity.
  • We wrote tests for everything, so as we make changes, we can be sure everything we’ve written thus far still works.

What’s next?

  • Project owner email address
  • Featured token status
  • Token images
  • Audits


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