How SAFERmoon Staking is Built Differently

2 min readJun 3, 2021


SAFERmoon is the first static rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain to offer fee-free staking for its holders. But what is staking, and why should you care?

What is Staking?

If you’ve ever parked money in an interest-bearing bank account, then you already pretty much know what staking is. Lots of people put their money in the bank, they earn interest, and they can pull the money out at the ATM.

With staking, you deposit SAFERmoon from your wallet into a staking pool, earn rewards, and then withdraw it to your wallet when you’re finished.

The rewards usually come in the form of other tokens. Recently, we partnered with Blizzard.Money to offer a staking pool. SAFERmoon holders could deposit their SAFERmoon in a pool to earn xBLZD tokens. That partnership has ended (for now), but we’ll have more coming soon.

Why Our Staking is Special

SAFERmoon and other RFI-forked tokens charge transfer fees for each transaction. This 10% fee makes the decision to stake more difficult for holders, who must pay the fee when staking and unstaking. But this isn’t the case for SAFERmoon staking!

SAFERmoon holders can stake and unstake in our rewards pools without paying the transfer fee. This is huge.

Even better, SAFERmoon holders continue to earn their static rewards, even while their tokens are staked. No other RFI token on BSC offer this functionality. As a holder, you earn static rewards AND staking rewards, essentially double dipping on rewards.

What’s the Catch?

If there’s a catch, it’s that we’ve made staking so painless that everyone does it. This lowers earnings in the pool, because the rewards are spread out across thousands of holders.

The good news is that the SAFERmoon team is hard at work forming new staking partnerships. With more pools, earnings should improve.

We’ve had some people complain that the rewards were too small in the Blizzard staking pool. To this we say: remember that any money you’re making is in addition to your static rewards. You need only click a couple buttons to receive this free money. Let’s say you only earn an extra $10. Well, picture that $10 as a free lunch for which you didn’t need to work!

From the team at SAFERmoon, #staySAFER!