Why We’re Building the SAFERmoon Launchpad

  1. Whales who caused the pump sell their tokens, profiting from all the smaller investors’ money.
  2. Project owners rug the project, stealing liquidity and/or tokens from under the investors.
  3. An exploit that should have been protected against is used to steal money.
  4. Hype-driven interest fades, and tokens with no utility plummet in value, harming all but the earliest investors.
  5. The next “shiny” project appears, attracting investors who are looking for quick wins to drain other projects of money.

Scams are Everywhere


  • All new tokens will be based on pre-audited code.
  • Whereas other launchpads act as a glossary of existing tokens, SAFERmoon’s launchpad will provide a user interface through which users can actually create new tokens. You don’t need to be a programmer. Just select the options you want, pay a fee, and you’re ready to go.
  • Project owners will then manage their tokens through SAFERmoon’s website as administrators. Adjustable variables, such as adding new whitelisted addresses, will be done on the SAFERmoon site.
  • Timelocks are built into the smart contracts. If a project owner makes a change that can affect investors, investors will be notified ahead of time.
  • Bot protection will be offered as an additional layer of security. Initial protection will ward off sniper bots from buying in cheaply.

Launchpad Status

Launchpad Benefits

  1. We want to create a platform through which it’s literally impossible to launch a ruggable token.
  2. We want to offer services to project owners who may not know how to code. Using our launchpad will be like using any other web app, or setting up your Instagram profile: easy.
  3. We seek to contribute meaningfully to the security landscape in BSC. This includes offering audited code, providing transparency to investors, and pioneering bot protection techniques.



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